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Dether is the world's innovation in the sphere of decentralized software for mobile devices which helps users purchase ether for cash and use the cryptocurrency to make purchases in traditional stores and supermarkets without any bank account. All a user needs is a smartphone and Internet connection. The best thing about Ethereum is that this technology is quite understandable and available to everyone. This idea was the engine that enabled Ethereum fans to develop a system which would allow all users to work with blockchain technology from any part of the world without any mediators.
Token Sale ended
9 February
$13,400,000 (100%)

Why Dether Is Important and How It Works

The use of blockchain still remains to be a challenging and non-trivial process. To work with Ethereum, users need to buy ether easily and risk free whenever and wherever they are, without the necessity to spend big amounts on high commission fees.

Being the first P2P Ether network, Dether helps both novices and experts get fiat money using cryptocurrency. Its developers state that while trading crypto is an intensive and challenging process, the solution to this issue would be to use Ethereum blockchain for trading without the rustle of financial institutions. What Dether currently offers is the following:

Trusted sellers and buyers. At Dether, there is a reputation system powered by smart contracts technology. When using the app, you will be able to see the exact rating of every user, which is based on a number of transactions, both general and successful. Absence of locked funds. Sellers are able to transfer crypto to their Dether wallets, while buyers see the price. There is no need to use the services of the third party to make a transaction, therefore, it’s you who can transfer funds to the wallet. Safe interaction. The decrypted P2P network helps both sellers and buyers to communicate with each other and keep confidential. There is no mediator, so the trade and interaction can be carried out directly.

Although, all in all, the system is reputable and trusted by thousands of users worldwide, it still has a couple of cons, among which we can single out the following:

As for the current moment, Dether is banned in some large countries, for instance, the United States of America and China. If the interactions between sellers and buyers ends up in a negative way, how will the whole situation be judged?

The system tries to implement a range of online payment options, including bank deposits and PayPal in order to facilitate P2P transfers from fiat to crypto, with no need to meet other parties. Decentralized courts, such as Cleros and Aragon, will be added to Dether and become a trusted third party responsible for transactions.

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Token Sale: 7 Feb – 9 Feb

  • Ticker: ÐTH
  • Token type: ERC223
  • ICO Token Price: 1 ÐTH = 0.23 USD (0.00026 ETH)
  • Fundraising Goal: 13,400,000 USD (15,000 ETH)
  • Sold on pre-sale: 4,500,000 USD (Average 17% bonus)
  • Total Tokens: 100,000,000
  • Available for Token Sale: 60%
  • Whitelist: Yes (15 Jan – 22 Jan, JOIN )
  • Know Your Customer (KYC): Yes
  • Сan't participate: USA, China
  • Token Issue: After sale
  • Accepts: ETH
  • Short Review

  • Exchanges: The tokens will be tradable 48 hours after the token sale.
  • Number of Team Members: 8
  • Prototype: Demo
  • Role of Token: Utility
  • Registered Company: Dether Limited, Gibraltar
  • Screenshots

    Dether Token sale distribution
    Dether Token sale distribution
    Dether Team
    Dether Team
    Dether Advisors
    Dether Advisors


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